Clinical Tests For Green Coffee Bean Extract

Clinical Tests For Green Coffee Bean Extract

( December 21, 2012 -- Green coffee beans have captured a lot of attention and have been covered a lot in media due to its unique characteristics for weight loss. Nutritionists who have been skeptical about weight loss supplements now endorse green coffee bean extract as safe and effective weight loss supplement.

Dr. Lindsey, a celebrity nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, as well as, Dr. Mehmet Oz a TV show host both recommended green coffee bean extract as an effective means for losing weight.

There have been clinical tests conducted for green coffee bean, and the results of the tests were phenomenal. The first clinical test was officially conducted and presented in San Diego at the American Chemical Society.

In that clinical test, participants were given and asked to take green coffee bean extract for a period of 22 weeks. Additionally, each participant were told not to do extra exercise or any intense physical activities while the study is on going. After a 22-week period, each participant lose 17 pounds as well as lose over 17 percent of their body fat without any side effects. These results are achieved just by taking green coffee bean extract without exercise.

"Normally, I'm against the weight loss supplements, and as a nutritionist these results are particularly noteworthy", according to Dr. Lindsey.

Moreover, there was a separate study conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. In this clinical test, green coffee bean extract demonstrated its true potential for weight loss. Dr. Vinson gathered 16 overweight subjects and let them took green coffee bean extract on a daily basis without altering their diet regime. In fact, the subjects were consuming 2400 calories per day which is above the daily recommendation for someone who wants to lose weight.

Upon the completion of Dr. Vinson's study, it confirmed the results obtained in the previous study. In fact, Dr. Vinson concluded, "Based on our results, taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract daily while consuming low fat and healthy diet, it is a safe, effective and inexpensive approach to lose weight".

On both clinical tests, green coffee bean extract demonstrated its effectiveness in weight loss even without exercise. However, health experts claimed and even Dr. Lindsey recommend doing physical exercise, in addition to taking the supplement. Exercise is an indispensable role of the human body in order to maintain a good level of health and fitness.

For those who are interested in taking the supplement, detailed green coffee bean extract review can be read here. Additionally, a video where Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Oz discussed green coffee bean extract can be found at this link.

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