VigRX Plus Reviews and Clinical Studies Conducted By Various Medical Labs Revealed

VigRX Plus Reviews and Clinical Studies Conducted By Various Medical Labs Revealed

( December 20, 2012 -- Many of today's men are in constant search for something that could enhance his stamina, performance and sexual drive for the sole purpose of satisfying his partner. Fortunately, there are many natural male enhancement products available today that could help men achieved their desired results. However, prior to taking any natural male enhancements, it is essential to look on effectiveness and safety. After all, long-term health and effectiveness are always the priority.

VigRX Plus has been around and available online since 2009. One crucial advantage of VigRX Plus is it is tested clinically, according to Michael Wiener of The results of the clinical tests conducted by several medical labs have proven that VigRX Plus is a potent natural male enhancement that offers men the necessary nutrients for improving sexual desire, stamina and performance, he added.

The first detailed VigRX Plus clinical study was conducted on 2010 by Vedic Lifesciences. The main purpose of the study is finding out VigRX Plus healthy safety and efficacy. Additionally, the study was set out to uncover its effects on semen volume and sperm count on the subjects. Prior to the clinical test, subjects were tested for erectile dysfunction for a baseline comparison when the test is completed. Also on this test placebo was used in order to have more data to compare and obtained a more accurate results.

When the study was completed, researchers have found those subjects who were taking VigRX Plus have increased their sexual virility, boost semen production as well as achieved more intense orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction compared to those who were asked to take the placebo. Moreover, the subjects who were taking VigRX Plus was well-tolerated and only experience minor side effects.

Specifically, researchers revealed that the subjects experienced a 72 percent increase in sexual intercourse satisfaction, over 62 percent increase in maintaining erections, 61 percent in overall sexual satisfaction, almost 59 percent increase in the ability for partner penetration, 47 percent increase in sexual desire and over 22 percent increase in quality and frequency of orgasms.

In addition to the medical tests conducted by Vedic Lifesciences, AIBMR Life Sciences conducted their own research on VigRX Plus aphrodisiac effects on animals, particularly rats. The results obtained strongly supported the tests conducted by Vedic Lifesciences. The rats treated with VigRX Plus showed an increase in sexual activities with higher serum testosterone levels.

On the other hand, a Hungary-based laboratory conducted by Pharmaceutical Control and Development Laboratory Co. Ltd. conducted several studies to test VigRX Plus purity, safety and other harmful elements like bacteria and salmonella. The test concluded that VigRX Plus male enhancement supplement does not contain any harmful substances or toxic that could cause health problems.

Detailed VigRX Plus review can be found at, or click here to watch the video review for a more in depth description of the product.

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