Forwards Trusted Drug Test Solutions for Full Body Cleansing in 24 Hours Forwards Trusted Drug Test Solutions for Full Body Cleansing in 24 Hours Los Angeles, CA (PRBuzz) June 5, 2012 -- Urine, hair, saliva and blood testing are becoming, as recent studies point out, more and more popular in states allowing it as an efficient and inexpensive method large companies use for detecting drug use among employees. Insurance companies do it, and several courts of law also resort to this method to catch offenders and send them to jail. While this method may sometimes turn out to be lucrative, simple mistakes and false positives are a reality and, more often than not, the main obstacle separating people from their dream jobs and promising careers.

Pass A Drug Test appears to have found the solution to abusive testing and privacy violation - by having developed and tested a wide variety of toxins and drug cleansers, promising to remove any traces of alcohol, amphetamines, marijuana, nicotine, opiates and other not-so-legal substances. Ranging from chewable tablets, pills and capsules, mouthwashes and shampoos, all their products are safe and made only with natural ingredients, successfully delivering the expected results.

"I was really stressing out about being tested for my new job. A friend told me that they used Pass A Drug and they were able to pass. I found out a few days before I was getting a hair test and ordered your shampoo. I passed with flying colors and started my new job the following Monday. Thanks Guys!!!", says Emilyn, Phoenix AZ.

Sadly, more and more people looking to find out how to pass a drug test are resorting to inefficient and even dangerous methods of removing toxins from their bodies. As absurd as it sounds, drinking vinegar or urine, taking high doses of niacin and ibuprofen or swallowing poppy seeds were instated by the common belief as reliable methods of dodging positive results. There is no scientific proof to back these methods up.

Desperate times call for urgent solutions, and reveals how to pass a drug test in 24 hours with failproof kits addressing individuals with heavy to extreme toxin levels. For moderate to heavy users, the manufacturer brings forth easy-to use chewable tablets that becomes active in 45 minutes, while heavy daily users can simply use same-day cleansing solutions that last up to 6 hours and pass a drug test in a day.

Whether it is for urine, blood, hair or saliva testing, has certified and efficient drug detox solutions, as well as resources and in-depth guides on obtaining negative results in all types of drug tests. Please visit

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As the leading provider of drug test solutions around the world for over 8 years and the trusted company for over 500,000 customers, helps people be completely prepared for any urinalysis, saliva, hair or blood tests that might be administered. Their products are made from 100% natural and safe ingredients that successfully remove all toxins from the body.

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