Arch Justifies Importance of AED Oversight and Medical Direction Programs for Owners and Distributors

SAN FRANSISCO, CA  / PRBuzz / June 2, 2011 - - Keep your team.  Keep your prices.  Keep your clients.  Just offer them the quality program they deserve. 

Annuvia challenges Automated/Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) unit distributors across the country to take a hard look at the AED Oversight and Medical Direction programs they use and distribute as a service to their clients.  Are they happy with the quality of the program?  Would they use these programs to manage their own, personal AED units?  What about after analyzing the return on investment using today's rates, would they still buy such services for their small business? 

Answering these questions (truthfully) was circumspect prior to the introduction of Arch (  Fortunately, for AED distributors and, perhaps more importantly, their clients, Arch erases any doubt about why AED Oversight and Medical Direction programs are needed - for all AED units. 

Properly implementing and managing an AED unit strategy is incredibly important and can lead to reduced legal exposure.  "With more and more AED units being deployed across the country, the propensity for adverse legal risk continues to grow," states Micah Bongberg, President of Annuvia, a national distributor of AED units and the creators of Arch, the nation's most user-friendly on-demand AED Oversight and Medical Direction product.

"Mitigating legal exposure is critical, but easy to accomplish with the right program in place. Today, however, AED distributors are far too concerned with 'today's sales' and 'pushing boxes out the door,' not about the safety and protection of their clients from a legal and risk management prospective. The AED industry as a whole should re-assess the importance of vital programs like Arch because, after all, just one adverse event from one AED owner with a poorly-designed program will negatively affect the industry as a whole."  

Annuvia designed Arch to encourage AED owners and distributors of the importance of AED Medical Direction and Oversight programs. Special programs and incentives for distributors, such as white-labeled e-commerce solutions and customized support-ticketing, were implemented to show AED distributors that they too can gain from the benefits of Arch without losing their relationships with their clients.

"Aside from the economic incentives available to AED distributors, we desired to build a program that would allow distributors to keep their relationships with manufacturers and customers, while offering a new layer of reliability and support that are critical in our heavily-regulated industry," states Bongberg.

About Annuvia: Annuvia ( is a leading provider of health, safety, emergency preparedness and emergency response services in the nation. Annuvia is a direct distributor for each of the major AED unit manufacturers and assists businesses and organizations with customized safety training programs such as  CPR, AED training and first aid safety.

About Arch: Arch was built by the brightest minds in the Silicon Valley using the latest, most advanced technologies available to securely manage the vital details of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) programs.  Combined with Annuvia's national team of Medical Directors, Arch provides the most user-friendly, advanced platform to help facilitate regulatory compliance - nationally.

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