Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with Evocrest's Back Posture Corrector

Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with Evocrest's Back Posture Corrector Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with Evocrest's Back Posture Corrector Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with Evocrest's Back Posture Corrector

Say Goodbye to Bad Posture with Evocrest's Back Posture Corrector

Evocrest launches a back posture corrector which offers the most effective technique to avoid sagging as well as the enduring pain which is related to it.

February 9th, 2018

Evocrest has recently launched their Posture Corrector on Amazon. Designed to improve bad posture, this back support also relieves back pain caused by hunching, slouching or defective "computer posture".

It’s time to say goodbye to unnatural positions and awkward feelings. Evocrest’s product can be used by adults of all ages. It works to keep the shoulders and back naturally aligned, and influences proper posture. Not only is the product useful for correcting posture, but is also proven effective in correcting and helping to treat posture problems such as neck or shoulder pain, backaches, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, slumped shoulders due to bad posture and slouching.

“Bad posture can stem from an injury, bad habit, or genetic predisposition, but with time, effort and the right tools, it can be corrected. Everything from our sitting position, our ability to live an active lifestyle, and our emotional state can be negatively impacted by poor posture”, says Evocrest’s CEO. “We created our Back Posture Corrector for anyone who has noticed that they have hunched or slouched shoulders, and is looking to improve their posture.”

Designed with double tightening straps and additional soft pads, Evocrest’s product feels comfortable and breathable under the clothes.

One of the may satisfied customers who tried the posture corrector said: “Great product! Over the years, I have seemed to be slumping my shoulders and having lots of pain, well this seems to be keeping them back and my pain is a lot less. After the first day of wearing it, I noticed a difference in how I stand. My posture has improved and its only day 3. You cannot tell it is on under my shirt and is very discreet. I plan to wear it thru the work week and go without it during the weekend!! I should have purchased this product long time ago!!!”

The Posture Corrector is available on Amazon for $24.95. With its ergonomic shape and adjustable universal size, this device offers a snug fit for 27-48" chest sizes.

The Back Posture Corrector is said to significantly improve bad posture, which results in a boost in energy and confidence, and improved health and overall well-being. But just in case it doesn’t meet everyone’s needs, Evocrest offers a 1-year guarantee.

Evocrest is currently among Amazon’s trusted brands and is offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all their products.

About Evocrest

Evocrest is a brand of premium outdoors gear for enthusiastic hikers, trekkers and overall adventure seekers. Ambassadors of premium quality, they never compromise on the materials chosen. Evocrest seeks to offer the ultimate, highest-performing products and make any activity easier and safer and help people improve their lives. The passion for quality is not limited to their products, but can also be seen in the way they care for the needs of their customers.


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