Meehan Chiropractic And Wellness Provides Patients With Relief From Headaches Naturally

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Natural Pain Relief from Headaches and Migraines


Charlotte, NC - January 20, 2017 – Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness provides timely relief from recurring headaches and migraines. Led by Dr. Michael Meehan and a dedicated team of chiropractic professionals, the clinic utilizes natural and holistic approaches to treating head pain. This includes complete examination of the head and neck areas, along with scans and imaging to pinpoint and address all pain-related issues.

Headaches can stem from a myriad of reasons. This includes stress and anxiety, as well as vision and even circulatory problems. However, migraines can also result from imbalance in the body as a whole. With this in mind, certain therapeutic massages and adjustments can be administered to stimulate blood-flow to the head.

Dr. Meehan also checks for neurological problems that may be manifesting into headaches. Similarly, he also checks for muscle constriction in the head and neck; one of the main causes of tension and stress in that particular area. With combined manual and machine-assisted therapies, patients are able to feel immediate results and solace. Dr. Meehan also checks the eyes, nose and throat areas for thyroid and other abnormalities.

As always, the clinic keeps your primary care physician in the loop at all times. This way, you receive comprehensive headache and migraine treatment and everyone on your medical care team stays on the same page. Natural headache relief is far better than consuming harmful pain relievers or medications. However, Dr Meehan does provide surgical procedures for patients dealing with extensive head trauma and related injuries.

From whiplash to neck compression, migraines can result from many known and unknown sources. This includes lack of proper health and nutrition, as well as mental and physical fatigue. Dr. Meehan formulates strategic and natural plans that eradicate headaches overtime. However, dietary and lifestyle changes may also be needed in order for you to see actual results. This may include weight reduction, along with cessation of tobacco and alcohol.

For more information on natural relief solutions for headaches, simply contact Meehan Chiropractic today for an appointment.

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