Lake Mead Chiropractic in Las Vegas Offers Solutions To Sciatica Pain

Timely Pain Management Solutions for Patients with Sciatica


Las Vegas, NV - January 20, 2017 - Sciatica can be a difficult problem to deal with for any patient at any age. Sciatica pain stems from compression on the sciatic nerve in the lower back resulting in radiating distress up and down the legs. Similarly, it can severely constrict normal muscle movements, which can make it hard to drive or perform daily tasks and chores.

As an industry leader in sciatica pain management, Lake Mead Chiropractic offers timely solutions with effective and lasting results. Led by Dr. Mortensen and his dedicated team, the clinic is committed to restoring proper muscle movements and mobility in the body. This is done by taking detailed scans of the areas in distress, while formulating strategic plans to alleviate the pain across the body.

Therapeutic massages are administered to curtail the radiating pain. Similarly, rehabilitation exercises are also given to eradicate nerve, joint and muscle distress. Sciatic-related pain does tend to go away on its own but that can take several months. With over 200,000 new cases reported in the US each year, this is becoming a growing issue that is best dealt with chiropractic care.

The staff of Lake Mead Chiropractic offers supportive care throughout your entire ordeal. They also offer follow-up and post-care services for patients with sciatica. Depending on the severity of your issue, ice packs and heating remedies may be prescribed. Similarly, Dr. Mortensen will show you the best stretching technique and exercises to tackle sciatica-related tension. Acupressure may also be gone to ease up muscles, while releasing pain from the sciatic and other nerves.

With true orthopedic care, the clinic has helped countless patients dealing with sciatica. With onsite physical therapists, weekly rehab sessions may be needed until you are able to regain proper balance, mobility and flexibility. Dr. Mortensen will use natural and holistic approaches to treat your sciatica pain. This eradicates the need for expensive procedures and keeps you away from harmful pain-medications and especially opiods.

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