Shares Valuable Information on the Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar


People often look to the internet as a resource for health advice and tips. Various information sources on the internet often dish out health tips that promote healthy and holistic living and considering the popularity of these websites; it is safe to say that internet users are largely interested in living long and healthy lives and often proactively seek out healthy living tips.

To meet this demand and to further its agenda of healthy and holistic living for all; the Doctor Away website just published an informative article on the  benefits of apple cider vinegar with expert input from Dr Berg and a video on the benefits of apple cider vinegar; featuring Dr Berg himself. This combination of an informative article and insightful video has much to offer those interested in healthy living tips. It primarily provides in-depth insight into the benefits of apple cider vinegar which is commonly found in many households.

The emphasis of both video and tutorial is on the fact that apple cider vinegar is a safe for consumption form of vinegar that strengthens and supplements the digestive system. Additionally one can learn more about the ascetic acid properties of apple cider vinegar that are beneficial for overall health.

As mentioned before; both the article and video is put together with expert inputs by Dr Berg who also features in the video. This particular doctor is an acclaimed chiropractor with many years of helping patients with chiropractic and dietary solutions. It is important to note that Dr Berg specializes in holistic living that emphasizes on preventive measures against various illnesses and doesn’t diagnose or treat illnesses. None the less; the advice from a holistic living expert is sure to be sought out by health and fitness enthusiasts on the internet. To know more about the various health benefits of apple cider vinegar and Dr Berg who is an expert on the subject; follow the link at

As the name suggests, The Doctor Away website is an information resource for healthy and holistic living tips that serve as preventive measures against various illnesses and subsequently reduce visits to a doctor.

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