Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk CT Offers Solutions To Renew Your Energy

Chiropractic care isn’t always for aches and pain and now Slovin Chiropractic Center is offering services to help patients renew their energy.


Norwalk, CT - November 1, 2017 - While most people seek professional chiropractic care when their back or neck hurts, the team at Slovin Chiropractic Center in Norwalk, CT want everyone to know it can also help with energy. 

Feeling sluggish during the work day, exhausted in the evening and never feeling well rested are all signs of a more serious issue. The fact is, as a person ages, issues of fatigue and tiredness become worse, and there are several external factors that could be making this lack of energy worse. For example, unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor nutrition, the side effects of drugs, lack of sleep, anxiety and serious diseases, such as cancer, can all lead to a lack of energy. A misaligned spinal column can also result in increased fatigue. 

When the spine is healthy and properly aligned, the nervous system will provide energy to the body and help with disease prevention. However, when blockages, also called subluxations, are present in the nerve flow, energy will be unable to reach the whole body and fatigue will result. 

The goal of Drs. Erik and Brenda Slovin are to adjust the patient’s nervous system and remove any subluxations to normalize the individual’s energy. Not having this chiropractic care is similar to trying to water plants with a hose with a kink in it. The water supply may be strong but the kink results in a subpar amount of water being released. With chiropractic care, the “kink” in a person’s spinal column can be removed, allowing more energy to flow freely and be present throughout the day. 

About Slovin Chiropractic: The team at Slovin Chiropractic are dedicated to helping create a healthier community. Part of this health is residents who have plenty of energy to get through their day. With the services offered by this chiropractic care facility, all patients can achieve the results they want, regardless of the kinks, pain or other issues that may have. 

Contact Information:

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Slovin Chiropractor Center

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