Medical Cameras Market driven by rise in diagnostic procedures

Medical Cameras Market driven by rise in diagnostic procedures

Medical Cameras are everywhere in the medical industry and for a reason too, they are involved in a wide variety of procedures in all forms of the medical profession, 3D medical imaging is used in a wide range of applications such as cosmetic surgery simulation, monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis and dental prosthesis among others. Medical Cameras are cameras used to look inside the body, also known as endoscopy which itself breaks down into the terms looking (scopy) and inside (endo). The procedure involves an endoscope to look inside of a cavity or hollow organ of the body. Medical Cameras differ from various other Medical Imaging procedures and techniques in such that they are directly inserted into the organs. So lets see how big is the medical cameras market.

Medical Cameras have a lot of uses, they can be used to investigate symptoms in the digestive system when something external such as nausea, vomiting abdominal pain or gastrointestinal bleeding is observed, they can be used for confirmation of some diagnosis, usually a biopsy is performed to check for such conditions which include anemia, bleeding, inflammation etc. Medical Cameras are also used while giving treatments such as Cauterization (medical practice of burning a part of body to remove or close a part off it) of a bleeding vessel, widening of esophagus incase its width is abnormal, clipping off polyps or removal of foreign objects.

Medical Cameras work by using infrared technology to generate various wavelengths to determine properties such as water content, chemical components and temperature which cannot be done using normal cameras, they have thermal imaging that can detect inflamed tissue or abnormal blood circulation. High-speed imaging techniques can capture and process the movements of a person suffering from muscular-skeletal diseases.

Medical Cameras Market is segmented on the basis of products into medical cameras and microscopes. Microscopes as a segment are expected to grow the fastest, owing to the rising geriatric population worldwide and the rising demand for microscopes in various medical applications. The market is segmented into endoscopy cameras, dermatology cameras, ophthalmology cameras, dental cameras and surgery microscopy cameras. A rise in number of operations done by using endoscopy technique has resulted in the market share of endoscopy cameras to skyrocket. On sensor type the market contains charged couple device (CCD) and complimentary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. CMOS consume less power, have high frame rate and low manufacturing price.

Although numerous technological advancements have taken place the Medical Cameras still run some risks of which only some a direct consequence such perforation or tear of the stomach linging and bleeding, they also run a risk of infection, other minor reactions include drug complications and other diseases the patient might have

Medical Cameras market is spread across the globe with North America having the largest market share in the world followed by Europe. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market in the world. Factors like rising funding for research, growing demand for Medical Cameras in various surgical procedures and technological advancements is expected to drive the rise of this market. Major players in the market are  Haag-Streit USA (U.S.), Carl Zeiss , Meditec AG (Germany), Allied Vision GmbH (Germany), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Nikon Corporation (Japan), SPOT Imaging Solutions (U.S.), JOEL Ltd. (Japan), Stryker Corporation (U.S.), Danaher Corporation (U.S.),  and Olympus Corporation (Japan).Medical Cameras are a necessity today used by in both diagnostics as well as surgeries. The market will see continuous development for a long time.

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