SAFETRIP Is the World’s First Healthcare Transportation App

SAFETRIP Is the World’s First Healthcare Transportation App

(January 03, 2017) – Travel options for patients have always been a tricky proposition. Taxi cabs and apps like UBER aren’t equipped well enough to provide transportation with convenience and comfort for those that are ill and ailing and ambulatory services are almost always strictly limited to medical emergencies. In this scenario, SAFETRIP has convincingly bridged the gap with the world’s first healthcare transportation app.

The SAFETRIP app provides convenient means of transport for those that are experiencing medical issues both short-term and long term. The emphasis at SAFETRIP is on comfortable and specialized travel for the ailing and these previously unmet needs are now fulfilled with specialized EMS vehicles, wheelchair accessible vehicles, vans and premium cars that are accessible to app users for prescription pickup and delivery.

SAFETRIP definitely aims to act as support for the medical transportation sector and make healthcare transportation convenient and affordable for patients, which is why SAFETRIP app users can pay for rides with insurance alongside debit cards and credit cards. The app makers at SAFETRIP definitely take all needs of patients into consideration which is why caretakers and caregivers can utilize the app to schedule rides or book rides on-demand for their patients and be conveniently reimbursed.  

Like any other reliable app; SAFETRIP employs the best security infrastructure to protect the data of users and the user-friendly interface of this app makes for convenient usage; time and again. SAFETRIP is easily accessible on both IOS and Android devices. To know more about SAFETRIP and its services, visit their website at

SAFETRIP is the world’s first healthcare transportation app with a mission statement that emphasize on making medical transportation convenient, comfortable and affordable. This pioneering app is owned by one of few black women tech entrepreneurs; Ja’Nese Jean and run by a team of tech wizards.

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