North Star Chiropractic Center in Seattle WA Has Your Wellness in Mind

North Star Chiropractic Center in Seattle WA offers comprehensive wellness care. Providing corrective therapies and rehabilitation, chiropractic allows patients to achieve their health goals.


Seattle, WA - December 20, 2017 – Dr. Early  and his team at North Star Chiropractic Center want the public to know that they provide comprehensive wellness care to help patients achieve optimal health.

Dr. Early offers solutions that meet patients where they are.  Chiropractic care begins with a thorough assessment to determine which course of action will provide optimal results.  The exam includes neurological, orthopedic, and chiropractic tests to determine which nerves and musculoskeletal structures have been affected.

Chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages.  This holistic approach to wellness has been shown to mitigate a variety of childhood conditions, such as ear infections, bed-wetting, scoliosis, headaches, and backaches.

The initial phases of care are aimed at relieving pain and correcting injuries.  To restore the spine to its proper alignment, Dr. Early most often uses the Diversified Technique.  In addition to spinal manipulations, the chiropractor includes massage as a key component of patients' therapy plans.  Massage accelerates recovery by reducing pain, swelling and muscle tension while improving circulation and enhancing the patient's sense of overall well-being.

Rehabilitation allows patients to reap maximum benefits from corrective techniques.  Strengthening core muscles reduces the risk of recurring pain and injuries.  Each patient is given a customized exercise plan to improve stamina and mobility. Physiotherapy may include the use of stretch bands, foam rollers, therapy balls, or the patient's own body weight.  Additionally, the chiropractor may recommend heat or ice therapy, body balance, roll exercises, and traction protocols.

Chiropractic care approaches wellness from multiple angles to help patients reach and maintain their health goals.  To learn more about wellness-based care offered by Dr. Early and his staff, visit  Those who have questions about the details of this press release can reach the clinic through its website, or by using the following contact information:

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