Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in Kent WA Offers Patients Highly Specialized Treatments

Are you struggling with back pain, neck pain or are you simply taking on too much stress? If so, you need to visit the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in Kent WA to learn all about the unique and specialized service that it can provide!


Kent, WA - December 20, 2017 - Are you one of the millions of people across the country that deal with back or neck pain, or have a significant amount of stress?  If you are, the time to take care of this issue and live pain free is today.  You should contact the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic in Kent WA today to learn about how they can provide you with relief from your pain. 

Unlike other types of care, chiropractic care focuses on the root of your specific pain issue, not a cookie cutter approach with pain pills. Dr. Brian J. Bussard and his staff at The Palmer Chiropractic Clinic will focus on you to determine a strategy for making sure that you are able to be cared for and experience an immediate reduction in pain.  

When you decide on chiropractic care, the focus is on how you can be helped immediately and specifically.  The type of back and neck pain that you are experiencing is different from the pain that any one else is feeling.  Because of this, you need to receive an analysis and treatment that is specialized and unique.

So the first time you visit Dr. Bussard, you will receive a free consultation on your situation. This will include a full evaluation and examination to determine what exactly is the source of your pain. Based on this analysis, the chiropractor will be able to develop a course of treatment that can help to alleviate your pain as soon as possible.

The benefit of meeting with Dr. Bussard doesn't stop there.  Afterwards and going forward, he and his staff will continue to provide you with a specialized treatment that is designed for you.  They will also continue to monitor your progress and develop new and creative ways to help you live without the debilitating back and neck pain.  

Why wait for relief? Visit for more information or contact the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic directly. You'll be glad you did.

Contact Information:

Dr. Bussard

Palmer Chiropractic

24837 104th Avenue SE

Kent, WA 98030


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