Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas Ga Offers Spinal Decompression To Qualifying Patients

Spinal Decompression Techniques and Services for Qualifying Patients


Dallas, GA - December 20, 2017 - Back in Line Chiropractic offers spinal decompression services for patients with upper cervical issues. Similarly, these techniques also help alleviate lower back pain, distress and compression. Led by Dr. LaDonna Bense and her highly dedicated team, the clinic is committed to excellence in treating back problems and issues with measurable and lasting results.

Spinal compression can happen due to injuries, such as slips and falls. Obesity can also cause external compression of the spinal cord and column. This can severely restrict mobility and flexibility, while causing sporadic, acute or chronic pain. Spinal decompression is a great way to stretch the back and spine back to normal and functional settings.

With years of extensive chiropractic experience, Dr. Bense and her team provide timely spinal decompression services for qualifying patients. The latter includes patients that are currently receiving therapeutic massages but may still need more assistance in tackling pain, numbness, weakness or tingling in the extremities.

Patients simply lie down on tables while Dr. Bense performs therapeutic massages to relive pressure on the spinal cord. Due to excessive spinal trauma or degenerative diseases, patients receive stretching techniques that help realign and snap the spinal column back to normal settings. In cases where tumors or abscess are present, Dr. Bense will discuss corrective surgical procedures as an option.

Spinal decompression is a proven technique that relieves the pressure on the spine. It also alleviates any pain in the spinal column nerves, as well as lower and upper back. If you are dealing with spinal pain and tension, spinal decompression is simply the best way to restore optimal movements. As always, Dr. Bense will help you every step of the way with rehabilitation exercises, dietary changes and much more.

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