How to deal with The Shaper teleports in PoE 3.1

Walk to the Shaper and pre-cast Icestorms on him as they is speaking. Pop Orb of Storms and repop the golem (as) as he is going to finish his speech, and you may need some other scarce Orb, you can buy some poe orbs online via this page, this r4pg is an reliable site that offering best Path of Exile Currency services. Then act based on what he decides to do.

Melee: keep casting.

Beam: keep casting, make use of the Writhing Jar and also the Sulphur flask.

Slam: use Granite, Basalt and Sulphur and casting on yourself. Stand still! AA and Tukohama will not safeguard you if not stationary. When the Shaper starts the Slam animation when you are moving, don't tank that, Flame Dash away.

Portal: junk e-mail Icestorm on Zana. When she's safe, start shifting your target for the portal and relocating to it. You have to finish up standing around the portal and casting on yourself. When Zana begins closing the portal, hit it with Versus, pop a brand new Orb, repop the golem (optionally), and casting.

Bullet Hell: should there be any ice balls around, go to them rapidly and using them as Vortexes, then stand at a negative balance bubble. You've about 5 sec prior to the crimson projectiles begin to fly. It's absolutely vital to prevent ruining the area inside the bubble using the Vortexes. If the ice ball comes to you throughout the bubble phase, you've a tiny bit of safe space within the bubble to maneuver making the ball find the advantage from it.

The Shaper teleports around firing the projectile novas 16 occasions. Get accustomed to counting the explosions (4 explosions x 4 occasions), and be prepared for his next attack. He frequently stops outdoors from the screen! You have to dodge his first attack, while all of the the crimson projectiles continue to be floating. Get near him, pop Orb of Storms and begin casting on him. If his next attack may be the Ball Barrage (3 number of 3 golden balls) you will want to dodge them, move 3 occasions between Icestorm casts on him. If he makes use of another attack, stay where you stand and casting on him (or on yourself if he applies to the Slam).

Clone: neglected, keep casting around the Shaper and learn his next move. When the Shaper opens the Portal as the clone remains to be, you have to start casting around the adds As soon as possible, for an origin of leech.

When the ice balls come when you are tanking the Shaper, adjust your situation slightly to get away from them, try not to lose connection with the Shaper, or he might fire the ball barrage. Never allow the ice balls land in the center of the area, in which the red bubble spawns (unless of course they are available throughout the bubble phase see above).

Should you die and also have to re-go into the arena, make use of the same tactic as following the red bubble phase: dodge the ball barrage, otherwise just cast around the Shaper.

Be sure to pop fresh Orb of Storms close to the Shaper as he moves. 

When the Shaper is nearly dead, you are able to cull him using the swap staff.

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