Omigy recommends figs as part of your 5 a day fruit and veggie diet

Omigy recommends figs as part of your 5 a day fruit and veggie diet

No matter where one looks, the message is clear. You must eat fruit and vegetables to stay healthy.

And Omigy is now recommending eating Calimyrna figs as part of your weekly diet to help your body fight several diseases naturally and reduce your consumption of medicines.

In Europe, several countries have now decided to fight cardiovascular, cholesterol, obesity, and many more diseases by advising their citizens to eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day. And scientists in these countries believe that this number is the absolute minimum to make a difference to your body.

What these expert are hoping is that by eating 5 fruits and veggies a day; you’ll start loving these and eat more. They believe that each fruit you eat will lead you to eat another one, and you will end up eating more without feeling any external pressure. In the long term, this will have health benefits.

And these scientists are right. Consumption of fruits and vegetables has increased dramatically in Europe for the past couple of years. And this 5 a day strategy is starting to pay off with fewer people being sick and needing medical treatment.

But at Omigy we asked ourselves, what type of fruit or vegetable can help the most in our quest for a better and healthier lifestyle.

What we found out is that figs are one of those great flowers that can help your body in many different ways.

Elsa, Chief Editor at Omigy said, “Many people eat figs, but they believe they are fruits. In fact, figs are not fruits, they are inverted flowers. And this is something very few know about.”

She added, “But there is more to this flower. It is so beneficial for your health that you should be eating these on weekly basis. In the summer, you need to eat them fresh and in the winter eat them dried.”

Elsa thoughts are clear, “This flower has even been mentioned in a number of religions. So if you believe in prophecies, then you have one with figs. At the end of the day, this is a flower that can heal you and that can help in reducing the effect of a number of diseases”.

There have been many research studies performed on figs and fig tree leaves. One of these studies focused on cancer and how this flower can fight it.

Another study identified that figs can reduce acne. The high fiber content of the flower has been investigated in details. Studies have shown that figs can heal your stomach pain, prevent strokes, reduce high blood pressure, improves your memory, inverse insomnia curve, and reduce diabetes symptoms.

And we are just scratching the surface on the benefits of this flower.

In essence, it is clear that this flower has got great health attributes. But it is also clear that the leaves must be consumed to reduce the effect of diabetes.

Overall, if Europe is being successful in their strategy in eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, then we all have to take note of this. But better than taking note, it is best to start eating organic fruits and vegetables. And it is highly advisable to eat figs and drink fig tree leaves tea. If you do so, then you will definitely be healthier.

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