Al Badie Group Ventures into an Agreement with Aspen Medical to Operate a Medical Facility in Iraq

Abu Dhabi, Dubai (December 23, 2017) – Khaled Al Badie is a 51% shareholder in the UniTeam. This company also belongs to the Al Badie Group. The UniTeam enters into an agreement with the Aspen Medical.

The purpose of this collaboration is to fight ISIS to safeguard Iraq people. The mission to Mosul of Aspen Medical is powered by people like Mr. Khaled Al Badie. The launching of the mission took place after the war against humanity conducted by ISIS terrorists with the oath of disturbing the people at rest. This attack led to the critical condition of humanitarian in Northern Iraq.

At this time the people at Aspen Medical found it the right time to intervene to save the precious lives of people. The Al Badie Group felt highly happy to help Aspen Medical to take over the project. To operate the mission the Aspen Medical decided to take the help from the UniTeam that belongs to ABG.

About The Collaboration:
The collaboration between UniTeam and Aspen Medical resulted in a 48-bedded trauma field hospital with specialization in trauma surgery, a maternal facility with 20 beds at Upper Athba, Mosul. This establishment eliminated the need for transporting the injured people to Arbil, thereby saving a 4-hour trip for the injured after an attack.

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