Blomerth Chiropractic In Peabody MA Offers Patients All-Natural, Drug-Free Holistic Chiropractic Care

Blomerth Chiropractic provides non-surgical, drug-free solutions to alleviate neck pain and other conditions. This holistic approach optimizes overall wellness.


Peabody, MA - December 10, 2017 - Dr. Steven Blomerth, D.C. and Dr. Ellen Blomerth, D.C., of Blomerth Chiropractic want the public to know that they offer a drug-free, holistic alternative to traditional healthcare.  Chiropractic provides effective solutions for neck pain and many other conditions.

An incredibly common complaint, neck pain may be caused by auto accidents, repeated heavy lifting, poor posture, or awkward sleeping positions, resulting in muscle strains, pinched nerves, or herniated discs.  Pain can sometimes radiate to the arms and even the hands and fingers.  

The initial phase of neck pain treatment may include rest and heat or ice therapy to alleviate discomfort.  Light-force adjustments restore upper cervical joints to their proper alignment.  They are also effective in mitigating scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, nerve disorders, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

To accelerate recovery from soft-tissue injuries, the chiropractor uses ultrasound, massage, neuromuscular reeducation, active release techniques, the Graston Technique, CHI infrasound, and interferential current therapy.  These supplemental therapies can be included in a patient's neck pain treatment plan to relieve strained muscles around the upper spine.

Chiropractic is a holistic, or "total body" discipline, encompassing all aspects of wellness.  Additionally, patients are empowered to take an active role in their care.  To achieve these objectives, chiropractic doctors provide each patient with a customized exercise program to augment the benefits of corrective neck pain treatment.  Rehabilitation is designed to strengthen vulnerable muscles and improve posture.

Nutritional guidance teaches patients how to make healthy diet choices that can speed recovery.  Neck pain treatment may also include ergonomic instruction, in which patients learn how to minimize the impact of strenuous or repetitive activities in the workplace to avoid recurring pain and injuries.  For instance, getting up to stretch periodically can be especially beneficial for those who have to sit at a desk all day.

Patients can also participate in wellness workshops and access an educational newsletter and blog to learn more about how to maximize overall health.

Chiropractic is safe for people of all ages.  To learn more about neck pain treatment and other services at Blomerth Chiropractic, visit  Those who have questions about the details of this press release can reach the clinic through its website, or use the following contact information:

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