Holistic Craniosacral Treatment from Italy Wins Global Attention with Akhila Roberta Montesi

Italy (December 08,  2017) – Stress and strain are intangible killers that pile up on people imperceptibly resulting in infinite damages in the body out of which tightening of tissues around neck, spine and associated areas are only a few to mention. Nagging aches, pains, dizziness, migraine and different types of traumas that creep up silently are only some of the after effects of such stress related damages.

Akhila Roberta Montesi, one of the leading craniosacral experts based in Italy, has in this respect extended her expertise to relieve hundreds of people that have been suffering from such issues through holistic chiropractic practice. Witnessing certain very stressful and saddening events in her own life and overcoming the same with grit, determination and positivity, this blossoming therapist has found purpose with her profession that has been gaining steady popularity all through Italy and beyond.

With years of experience as IBI counselor and IBI operator this holistic counselor presently offers her solutions in 3 steps that include, craniosacral therapy, counseling and mediation, which she feels is integral in alleviating any stress related damages. As has been expressed in infinite testimonials, individuals have been endlessly thankful to Akhila Roberta Montesi for helping them overcome deep entrenched fears and phobias, anxiety, tension and more from their roots.

About Akhila Roberta Montesi:
Akhila Roberta Montesi is a craniosacral expert that offers holistic healing experience to people suffering from a range of health problems whiplash, migraine, sciatica, back pain and more. The all inclusiveness of the therapy and affordability makes it very appealing to enthusiasts in Italy and beyond.

For more information, please visit http://www.biodynamicacraniosacrale.com/

Media Contact:
Akhila Roberta Montesi
Address: Via di Camaldoli 12, 50124, Firenze, Italy
Phone no: +39.392.9810335 & +39.055.9331029
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