Taking the Impact of Treadmills to Healthcare to the Next Level

Taking the Impact of Treadmills to Healthcare to the Next Level Taking the Impact of Treadmills to Healthcare to the Next Level Taking the Impact of Treadmills to Healthcare to the Next Level

The vast number of wholesale sales just from 2007-2016 which totals to over 1 million dollars, the treadmill has become the all-time favorite sports equipment for the past decade.  Statistics also show that around 52 million people in the United States solely, have ventured in using treadmills over running outdoors. 

With the creation of a 30-day Treadmill routine, people no longer have to be stressed with the winter weather and rain outside because treadmills can be used indoors.  There won’t also be any appointment needed since the equipment is just around the corner.

Aside from the portability that treadmills offer, it improves major health risks that any middle age or elderly have today.  One of the primary diseases that have been rampant is a heart attack.  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States annually.  Gender is not an issue since both men and women can be affected.  Treadmills help elevate the heart rate during the 30-minute workout whether you are jogging, sprinting, running or just walking. 

In addition, there is a research that was conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine that shows individuals with abnormal treadmill results are twice as likely to die from a specific heart disease as compared to those with normal results.

Cholesterol is just another issue that most healthcare professionals deemed hard to deal with.  In an instance, MayoClinic.com tackled how walking on a treadmill can be a form of exercise may boost HDL (High-density lipoprotein) levels by 5% with regular exercise.  Treadmills can now be equipped with programmable workouts that allow each individual to enter the height, weight, and age for the right speed. 

To lose weight has been the first and foremost reason why many prefer a treadmill with added privacy.   “You burn about 100 calories per mile that you run”, an info from the Runner’s World website.  With intensifying one out of every three runs, it will keep the effects of burning out even after the workout.

Another major health issue that affects millions around the globe is Diabetes.  Controlling insulin levels for type 2 diabetics has been difficult without exercise.  Treadmills act as a way to exercise regularly without having to go out.  It has been studied and published in the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry that regular exercises help decrease blood sugar levels among diabetic patients.  With the right combination of exercise and diet, each patient can control the symptoms of diabetes for patients that are not insulin dependent. 

Treadmills, may it be the best rated treadmills or for home use, offers a lot of exciting and promising possibilities in healthcare.  Though the future of what treadmills will offer is not yet in plain sight, everyone can enjoy the present benefits it provides.

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