Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic in Thornton CO Offers Neck Pain Relief From Whiplash And Other Causes

Neck and Whiplash Pain Relief with Timely Remedies and Treatments


Thornton, CO - November 10, 2017 – Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic offers neck and whiplash pain relief. Whether due to car or sports accidents, the Clinic has the tools and expertise to restore proper balance and mobility.  Led by Dr. Gratacos and his highly dedicate team, the clinic is committed to excellence in tackling all types of pain.

Whiplash is never an easy ordeal for any accident victim. Not only does whiplash restrict normal mobility and movement, it also causes sporadic pain and sensations. This is due to ligaments, tendons and muscles being impacted due  to the injury. Dr. Gratacos has the tools and experience to restore the neck’s proper motion and function. In fact, he will perform therapeutic massages and adjustments to naturally restore performance and alleviate pain.

The clinic also specializes in pain related to pinched nerves. This includes spinal and back trauma, along with inflammation, migraines and radiating pain. Pinches nerves can also occur due to car accidents or slips and falls. With this in mind, you truly need the right chiropractic care in Thornton for all these pain related problems.

If you are dealing with chronic or recurring pain, do not wait for the problem to go away. Remember, auto-related accidents can result in injuries that can last for months or years. No truer is this than when it comes to neck trauma and whiplash. The Healthy Spine Center utilizes a natural, holistic approach to pain management therapies. This means they can help you without harmful medications or costly surgical procedures.

For more information, simply contact The Healthy Spine Center today. You can also visit their website for more information on chiropractic neck pain services and remedies.

Contact Information:

Healthy Spine Family Chiropractic

10313 Washington St.

Thornton, CO 80229

303 457 2040


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