Socializing an Older Dog Topic of Recent Newsletter

Socializing an Older Dog Topic of Recent Newsletter Socializing an Older Dog Topic of Recent NewsletterSocializing an Older Dog Topic of Recent Newsletter

THREE RIVERS, Calif., Sept.11, 2017, — If you have adopted an older dog that isn’t well-socialized or your own dog has made it to adulthood but still shows shyness, a recently released article on, written by a veterinarian, may help you. Highlighted in a newsletter the website released this weekend, the article, “Old Dog, New Tricks: How to Socialize an Older Dog,” gives specific techniques to help your shy older dog.

The newsletter also linked to an article on common causes of sudden death in dogs, such as bloat and heart disease: “Common Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs.”

Cushing’s syndrome and Addison’s disease are opposite conditions of a dog’s adrenal glands, and the veterinarian at explains them in articles linked to here and from the newsletter.

The newsletter also suggested some fun Halloween toys for dogs, available here:

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