Lake Mead Chiropractic in Las Vegas Has Your Pain Covered, Whether It's Back, Neck, or Injury

Lake Mead Chiropractic helps patients find relief from a variety of painful conditions. While neck and back pain are among the most common types, this natural approach to wellness effectively alleviates pain throughout the body.


Las Vegas, NV – August 20, 2017 - Dr. Matthew Mortensen, D.C., and his team at Lake Mead Chiropractic use safe, effective, natural techniques to reduce pain.  The chiropractor looks for the root causes of pain to provide long-lasting relief without drugs or surgery.  While chiropractic is typically associated with neck and back pain, it mitigates many other conditions and injuries, too.  

 Chronic  pain is often caused by nervous system dysfunctions.  To improve nerve flow, the chiropractor usually administers spinal adjustments.  To accelerate recovery, other modalities may be used along with spinal manipulations.   Since many types of pain also involve soft-tissue injuries, helpful adjunct therapies include acupuncture, heat or ice therapy, and massage therapy.  To maintain the benefits of spinal adjustments, rehabilitation is a critical component of chiropractic, too.  Therapy plans are tailored to each patient's specific condition or injury.  Exercise helps strengthen the body, minimizing the possibility of recurrent injuries.  

This alternative approach to wellness encompasses a "whole-patient" approach.  Toward that end, the chiropractor may  suggest supplementation.  To help manage stress, he may recommend meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques.  Making healthy lifestyle choices helps patients avoid some of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of subsequent injuries or illnesses.

Approaching pain relief from multiple angles helps patients return to their normal routine as soon as possible, since adjustments and related methods don't require any recovery time.  Chiropractic care not only relieves many types of pain, but also allows patients to improve their health overall.

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