Portable Fundus Camera

Portable Fundus Camera Portable Fundus Camera Portable Fundus Camera


Fundus cameras are utilized for ophthalmic purposes to examine the fundus of the eye and also detect other existing eye problems. Besides, they can be used to monitor and take a photograph of the ocular fundus for aesthetic, demonstrative or even academic purposes.

Importance/ Usefulness of portable fundus cameras

Obviously, regular fundus cameras are not portable or mobile, while this is fine for the majority of regular clinical environments; however, we now live in a global extremely mobile world. Just like the way changing telephones from cord fixed landlines to mobile phones has transformed the general society, the technology with which portable fundus camera built can transform and globalize ophthalmology, taking diagnostics and therapies to remote areas that might not have otherwise gain access to ophthalmological treatment.

In contrast to the earlier models of portable fundus cameras, the models we have in place today take clear High definition images, similar to what one can get in a high-quality digital camera. High-Quality fundus camera allows to them to be very useful and serves as the perfect solution, while previously, they might not have been as acceptable as a regular fundus camera, as a result of the inferior quality of the image produced by the product’s earlier models.

The portable fundus cameras which manufactured today are extremely light in weight, thereby making them more useful. In fact, many specialists are finding them increasingly more easy to use as their preferred fundus camera because of its high-quality image coupled with the fact that it is straightforward to use.

Given that nearly all portable fundus cameras provided with their unique casings and accessories, they’re all an exceptional multi –functional in nature, convenient option for treating patients in foreign countries, which is one more reason for their growing popularity in recent times.


Nidek Digital Medical Scope (DS-20)


High definition images

The Nidek Digital Medical Scope (DS-20) is a digital portable fundus camera which can produce high definition images which are very useful in making an accurate diagnosis.

Easy Operation

The easy operation features make it incredibly simple to operate if one is working out of the typical hospital environment in the field, for instance, attending to remote communities or refugees in foreign countries.

Review images

Given that the Nidek DS-20 happens to be a digital fundus camera, it is easy to examine images directly just by looking at the viewing screen of the camera to ensure that you have a perfect shot needed.

Simple data management

Since the digital features of the Nidek camera are beneficial because it enables you to manage your data easily and also possess the capacity to transfer images to your personal computer conveniently.

Volk Pictor Portable Retinal Camera


Four imaging components

One of the biggest outstanding attributes of the Volk Pictor Mobile Retinal Camera is that it contains four interchangeable components, which provides total flexibility to the camera. The ophthalmic component possesses inner (retinal) as well as exterior parts. The Pictor additionally has an otoscopic component along with a dermatologic component.

High definition images

The superior image technology of the Pictor enables fast and precise diagnoses.


At only 1lb, Pictor’s mobile Retinal Camera is extremely light in weight and portable, fitting readily in its own, integrated briefcase.

Simple file management

It is so easy to upload files directly from Pictor to the computer and managed through any available patient file applications or programs.

Slit lamp mount

For easy convenience, it is so easy to mount the Pictor on your slip lamp with the slip lamp mount that comes with it.

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