Chair Massage Events For Nurses Week Were a Big Hit Across New Jersey

Chair Massage Events For Nurses Week Were a Big Hit Across New Jersey

As in prior years,Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy provided chair massage services for a number of local Nurses Week events throughout New Jersey. Nurses Week is a holiday week that honors those who provide the front line of care at hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare centers, and doctor's offices.

Nurses tend to be some of the most stressed individuals in healthcare, as they often take everything to heart, including the stress and pain of their patients. Thus, it is appropriate that this holiday week honors their contribution to the medical field. It is rare to find someone who does not personally know a nurse, or whose life has not been touched in some way by this particular member of the healthcare profession.

Nurses are usually the ones providing comfort, and they are often responsible for explaining the diagnosis to patients with compassion and kindness when the doctors, with extremely heavy caseloads, cannot spend the extra time with their patients to fully explain the details of their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

Nurses' Week celebrations most often included a lunch or brunch for the nurses, balloons and decorations, and, of course, a brief session of chair massage. Most of the sessions this year were 15 minutes, and the nurses were super appreciative of this brief respite from their duties of the day. Many of the nurses said they had not had a massage since the Nurses Week celebrations of last year, because they simply don't have time.

This year, our therapists traveled to a small nursing home in Watchung to give massages to the overnight and early morning shifts, and then traveled there again later in the afternoon to cover the other two nurse shifts of afternoon and evening.

Another group of therapists traveled to a training center for some of the top nurses in the state, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Although you would think that nursing teachers have less stress than their hospital employed counterparts, this was not the case. In some cases, being a teacher is more stressful, and very often these nurses who are teaching are the very same nurses who are also working in a nursing home on other days of the week. Nursing certainly is a full-time career.

Other celebrations will be taking place this week, as some of the nursing homes and hospitals simply could not fit it in last week. No matter the time that they occur, Nurses Week events are always a great celebration.

As always, Nurses Week is a great occasion to let all nurses know how much they are valued. Some of them will receive flowers from former patients, or candy and chocolate from their head doctors. Every little token of appreciation is remembered and treasured.

Of course, providing them with a chance to have a break for chair massage may be the most memorable gift for a nurse, but not every hospital or nursing home can take the time out of their busy schedules for such an event. Whatever gifts of appreciation nurses receive for the care they give loved ones, it is always held dear, and warms their hearts for weeks and months to come.



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