BoostCeuticals Is Proud To Introduce New Configuration BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa 200 Capsules

BoostCeuticals Is Proud To Introduce New Configuration BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa 200 CapsulesBoostCeuticals Is Proud To Introduce New Configuration BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa 200 Capsules

It is finally official! BoostCeuticals launches its new configuration of BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa which comes in a 90-capsule bottle. This newly created configuration will of course go along with the original and the popular BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa 100 capsules. After a series of tests and studies, the company is now ready to take another leap, that is, to make the new product available on Amazon.

Through the initial report, the customers have already expressed their excitement for the new configuration of BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa. They actually love the idea of an increased capsule count for each bottle as this would mean more supplements and longer days to consume. The company is committed to support its clients and this is just one way of doing it.

The original BoostCeuticals Dopa Mucuna 100 capsules have already proven its worth to the customers. It has showcased its potency and the quality as well. In fact, one of the customers said, “Ordered this when I ran out and my normal brand was out of stock. This caught my eye because there's 500mg per capsule @ 15% versus 400mg in my normal brand; also 100 quantity instead of 90 in my normal brand, so I gave it a shot - this costs a couple bucks extra but I figured the price works out the same when you do the math and consider how much active ingredient you're getting in total.” This statement simply means the customers already loved BoostCeuticals Mucuna Dopa 100 capsules per bottle compared to other brands. Come to think of it, if the customers loved the original count, how much more the new Mucuna Dopa 200 count? Of course, BoostCeuticals wanted the customers to know that the new configuration contains the same Mucuna Dopa with the same quality and potency.

This is indeed another good success that the company can add to the list. For over a long time, BoostCeuticals has been performing exceptionally well. But the company remains humble and always true to its main goal, that is to serve the clients as best as it could. BoostCeuticals is now inviting its current and future customers to avail of this new Mucuna Dopa configuration. Customers can purchase and order the product on Amazon.

For new customers, the company is reminding them that this l-dopa supplement comes from velvet beans which are very good in enhancing the person’s mood and clarity of mind. With the help of this supplement, individuals can perform or do their respective jobs at the highest level because of their enhanced cognitive function.


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


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