BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea Supplement Now Comes in New 180 Capsules per Bottle

BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea Supplement Now Comes in New 180 Capsules per BottleBoostCeuticals Essiac Tea Supplement Now Comes in New 180 Capsules per Bottle

BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea supplement has become so popular these days. Such popularity is due to the fact that the product has the potential to prepare the body to have a better immunity and resistance and way back was originally formulated and used as a natural cancer treatment. It changes the body’s environment to discourage the onset of illness and to mitigate against one that may already be existing. Also, one of the necessary attributes of the product is its potency to boost and maintain immune system health. The stronger the defense, the lesser chance of having sickness.

Essiac capsules originally manufactured by BoostCeuticals come in a 90-capsule bottle. However, when the company saw an opportunity and received some feedback more was required. BoostCeuticals realized that it could further help its clients by offering more choices in purchasing BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea. Thus, it came up with the idea of increasing the capsule count for each bottle of Essiac Tea supplement. Right now, in addition to the popular 90-capsule bottle of Essiac Tea supplement, the company is now producing a new BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea with 180 capsules per bottle, this may also provide additional and greater value per capsule.

This idea of the company is quite amazing at it gives individuals more option, whether to buy the standard number of capsules or to go forward with higher number of capsules for every bottle of BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea. On the other hand, the company wanted to emphasize that this increased number of capsules does not alter or deteriorate the quality of the supplements. According to the company, its clients will be purchasing and taking exactly the same Essiac Tea supplement as those previously manufactured.

A BoostCeuticals Essiac Tea supplement user, Jojo, said in his feedback, “Take 3/day . Great product and easy to take.” The company simply agrees to this statement. Indeed, Essiac tea is a great product as it has a lot of health benefits in an easy to swallow capsule, no mixing, no making just simple. Also, customers like Jojo who is taking Essiac Tea supplements three times a day, may need a higher quantity of capsules per bottle for them to be able to continuously take the supplement for a longer period as well as possibly reduce the cost a little. This is all good news for current and future customers.


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


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