Hourglass Procedures: The Current Trend in Body Contouring

Dr. Wilberto Cortes is a name synonymous with Dr. Hourglass, the master of the hourglass procedure. A board- certified plastic surgeon with more than ten years of hands-on experience in different plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Cortes continuously adapts to the changing trends in body contouring. He has developed a number of next generation cosmetic procedures and techniques that have revolutionized the plastic surgery industry in the United States. 
“The hourglass figure is the most desired body shape of women today,” says Dr. Cortes. “Most of the patients who consult with me want to be shapelier, with a smaller waist, a flat stomach, and a bigger behind. This is when I recommend the hourglass procedure.”
It is important to note that each woman’s body is different. They are genetically predisposed to have a smaller waist and a bigger bust and derriere. However, genetics, pregnancy, an unhealthy lifestyle, and other factors naturally change a woman’s body over time. “90% of women don’t have the hourglass shape,” says Dr. Cortes. “This is the reason why many women seek plastic surgery to either restore their previous body or change it to become better.”  
The hourglass shape has been a popular body type among women for centuries. More recently, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have revived the trend in the US. Studies show that the hourglass shape is associated with beauty, femininity, fertility, and better health. Now, the demand for the hourglass figure has never been higher.
Dr. Cortes has developed a number of hourglass procedures that have garnered high satisfaction among hundreds of his patients. The most popular procedures include: hourglass tummy tuck, hourglass butt implant, hourglass buttock augmentation, hourglass liposuction, hourglass hip procedure, hourglass mommy makeover, and hourglass excisional buttock lifting. 
According to Dr. Cortes, it is not always possible to achieve the hourglass figure through traditional plastic surgery methods. Patients cannot achieve the hourglass shape by undergoing through a traditional tummy tuck or a traditional butt implant surgery. The hourglass procedures are specifically developed to mold and tone so that the body can achieve a perfect hourglass profile. 
The use of liposuction and fat grafting are common in almost all the hourglass procedures developed by Dr. Cortes. These body-contouring procedures remove the stubborn fat deposits from the abdomen area, sides, flanks, and upper back in order to make the waist slimmer. The fat removed during the surgery is then transferred to the buttocks, hips, and other areas as needed. During surgery, special techniques are used to ensure that the hourglass shape is achieved, and voluptuous curves are added to the body. 
Dr. Cortes performs the hourglass procedures at his fully equipped, state-of-the-art clinic located at 50 Briar Hollow Ln (West Building), Houston, Texas.
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