Costa Rica’s top retreat leader sets up camp in Bali, Indonesia

Costa Rica has been known for all kinds of retreats from fitness to Yoga, healthy eating and self-help, to detoxification and cleanse, and over the last decade Sophie Jones has been front of house and behind the scenes in putting on these very same health retreats.

And while Sophie Jones is not established in Bali as a retreat leader or even in close contact with the current Bali top names, she does carry clout from Costa Rica. She tells us of her intent to bring with her the tools and experiences she gathered over the years and put on “the best Bali retreats the Island has ever seen”, and having incorporated Bali Weight Loss ( she has a platform to see how it goes.

When pressed she also revealed, “at all of my retreats I like to unveil a surprise!” and goes on to say that “in the past we’ve brought in celebrity coaches and trainers from the USA and this time we have a plan up our sleeves to increase the wow-factor of our retreats…”. Yet she doesn’t spill the secret of what it going to increase her “wow-factor” for the retreats she has planned for Bali this June.

June is the date that she is set to start her retreats which is very close to the beginning of high season on the small tropical island. During June, July and August the weather is best on Bali Island and the island swells in population to allow for the 4.2 million foreign tourists that holiday each year in this destination.

We have chosen June as the start date because it is the time when most of the Australian and also European travelers make their way to Bali. We hope to time it correctly to make the most of the high season and become established on the island during that time.

Sophie also hopes that she will entice some of her America followers and fans to join her on Bali Island which will make a nice change from the Costa Rica retreats that she has been holding for so long. “I really do hope and expect that my followers will come to my retreats in Bali because although it is a littler further to travel from America to Bali, opposed to America to Costa Rica, it will make a lovely change and they can expect the best retreats we’ve ever put on”.


Sophie Jones

Bali Weight Loss

Canggu, Mengwi, Badung

Bali, Indonesia



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