New Website Exposes The Danger Of Carbs In Our Diet

New Website Exposes The Danger Of Carbs In Our Diet

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A new website exposes the danger of carbs in our diet and how they effect everything in our lives. expose exactly what carbs do to you, on a personal level, social level, and professional level. How they influence your weight, health, emotions, decisions, choices and most of all, your energy.

Carbs! The Newly Found Death Sentence That’s Ages Old

I know you’ve been told that you need your carbs, that they’re healthy for you and that they must make up a major part of your diet. How long have they been at the bottom of our food pyramid, telling us, they should make up the largest portion of our meals? How long have we been heeding this message? I’ve been doing it all my life. Haven’t you? But what if what they’ve told us was wrong? What if we don’t need them in the quantities we’ve been told to eat them? Can you eat too many of them? Who doesn’t eat too many of them? It’s easy to do. That’s due to their addictive nature. We’ll get deeper into that later.

What if you don’t need carbohydrates at all?  Can you live without them? Can you live without them and still be healthy? The question I want to ask, If you can be healthier without them, wouldn’t you want to be?

I can tell you right now, you can actually live healthier without them. Does this mean that you have been lied to? Examine the evidence, study and learn, then you be the judge.

I can tell you right now, truthfully, that You Do Not Need Carbohydrates. At least, you don’t need them in the amounts that people everywhere are eating them. By everywhere, I mean everywhere. No place can be found where carbs are not a major part of the diet. To narrow down the problem with carbs, this post and entire site, in general, deals entirely with the high starchy carbs you find in all cereal grains, primarily wheat, barley, and rye because of the gluten that comes with it. But that’s only part of it, which we’ll talk about later in greater detail, because when you ingest gluten, you also eat gliadin. This is the part of wheat that can cause brain damage. That’s something else that we’ll talk about later, in greater detail.

But we should start with why you should limit your carbohydrate intake to as little as possible, to ensure yourself better health and most importantly, less illness and disease throughout your life.

Because your body can’t burn carbohydrates (sugars), it has to turn them into fat, so they can used for fuel. Your body burns fat, not carbs. It actually likes fat so much, it would much rather have it spoon fed to it rather than make its own. The problem with using carbs to supply your fat, is that the fat it turns into, is not a good fat. Most of it gets stored, instead of being used, and this is where the problem begins. It’s the consumption of this starchy food that leads to the massive amounts of weight gain that everyone who eats it, experiences. But then, most of you already know this. It’s just impossible to quit eating it, because of its addictive nature.

Time for a disclaimer; not all people are subject to this weight gain from cereal grains, only about 90% of them are. That means, about 10% of the population have no intolerances to wheat, gluten or any of the components that come with it. That also means that for 90% of us, we do have an intolerance to it. That means, for 90% of us, we express an allergic reaction to it. The problem with that is, the allergic reaction we experience is weight gain, and this ‘expansion‘ happens, whether it’s wanted or not. Anyone of us who has any kind of an intolerance to wheat, gluten or any other components of this grain will express this ‘expansion’, when we eat it.

Whether you want to accept it or not, carbs are dangerous.

The question is then, how do we stop eating them? How do we get this food that’s been such an important part of our diet since time immemorial, out of our diet? First, we should look at why we shouldn’t be eating it in the first place.

For the short list;

1. They cause type 2 diabetes 
2. They causes Celiac Disease
3. They cause headaches
4. They cause dementia and brain damage (type 3 diabetes)
5. They cause heart disease
6. They contribute to a multitude of gastrointestinal disorders
7. They contribute to cancer
8. They cause epileptic seizures
9. They contribute to arthritis 
10. There fully addictive, as addictive as heroin, cocaine or alcohol.
11. They rob you of your emotional control
12. They Rob You Of Your Teeth
13. They’re the root cause of aging

For the longer list, read Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. They’ll fully explain what these carbs do to you as well as how they do it.

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