Dr. Kong’s ‘Younger Next Day’ Finally Reveals 3000 Year Old Beauty Secrets

Dr. F. Y. Kong has finally completed her anti-aging e-Book that is supposed to turn the beauty industry upside down, even if in a very small way. Clinical trials have proven that her method, inspired by an ancient treatment that has been in use for over 3000 years, can enhance blood flow greatly.

A doctorate in Pharmacology, she has a very extensive experience in performing skin tissue research, and that is what separates her from most other beauty doctors. She decided to write her book when one day, to her utter shock, she discovered that most of the so-called “clinically-proven” anti-aging creams had no real clinical data to back up their claims.

Using the techniques described in her new book ‘Younger Next Day’, Dr. Kong claims that she can make “you younger just the next morning!”. That is indeed a very big claim to make, but her close friends Carol S. Lee, Janeth Jones, and Dr. John Gaunson do not think so. They have apparently seen the methods work in their own lives, and according to them, Dr. Kong’s claims are 100% reliable.

Perhaps, Dr. Kong really knows something that other professionals in her industry do not. After all, science has already established that up-regulation of the antioxidant Heme-Oxygenase-1, or HO-1, can prove to be incredibly beneficial for the skin. If Dr. Kong’s claims were false, there seems no reason why Dr. John will express his agreement with them. After all, Dr. John is no stranger to the beauty industry, having 11-years of close experience in everything cosmetic.

‘Younger Next Day’ has the goal of helping its users have skin that is free of black spots, small wrinkles, and fine lines. And that is also the purpose of the many anti-aging creams and treatments promoted by big pharmaceutical companies. That puts Dr. Kong in almost a direct fight with some of the biggest billion-dollar companies on the planet. Will she really win the fight? Only time will tell.

Most cosmetic products do more harm than good, inducing many unwanted side effects. Many products never really work because they contain molecules which are a bit too big to penetrate into the human skin. That is the reason why female scientists rarely use beauty products.

But, if you listen to the doctor, her purpose behind the launch is not getting into a fight with anybody. She just wants to see a world where beauty does not have to come for an earth-shattering price. Since her treatment relies heavily on essential oils that have very small molecules that are able to penetrate well into the skin, she is certain that her method will work for most.

Her e-Book even comes with a video that describes many beauty secrets in a way that anybody can benefit from. Plus, she gives 6 bonus books, which are supposed to complement the main eBook.

Despite everything, Dr. Kong is not delusional. She knows that, no matter how amazing her secrets are, for some they may not work. And that is the reason why Dr. Kong gives 60-day money back guarantee on her product. Being a successful doctor throughout her career, at this point, money is really not something she wants more of. It appears that she just wants a more beautiful world. And really, that is the way it should be!

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