Da Vinci Robots May Not be as Helpful as They Are Costly

(PRBuzz.com) June 27, 2013 -- San Francisco, CA- Robotic and laparoscopic surgeries have been believed to be successful, less invasive surgical tools that require less surgery time, less hospitalization and less recovery time all together. Da Vinci robots allow doctors to perform laparoscopy by controlling mechanical, instrumental arms to control surgery.

Intuitive Surgical, the company that makes the Da Vinci robotic surgical unit made over two billion in revenue last year. Many doctors praise it for the easiness of surgeries and recovery time.

However, a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that, in regards to obstetrics and gynecology, hysterectomies performed by mechanical laparoscopy versus traditional surgeries posed very few less hospitalizations and blood loss.

Cancer survivor Lee Ann Leach, who had her laparoscopic surgery several years ago, after two cesareans and a bilateral mammoplasty, said it was the worst pain she had ever been in. In an interview to sue to Intuitive Surgical and her OB/GYN office, she said she felt as though she had been cut into quarters and as never felt the same again.

While robotic surgeries have supporters on all the patient, doctoral and administrative sides, some hospitals have quit using them due to lawsuits that their staff has faced in the past. Along with lawsuits, Da Vinci is facing creating better instructional courses for surgeons to use the products correctly.

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