Confirms That The Iron Gym Actually Works Confirms That The Iron Gym Actually Works

Bridgeport, CT (PR Buzz) May 7, 2013 -- No, the Iron Gym isn't one of those fitness products that doesn't do what it says on the box. In fact, research has revealed that the product actually works.

The fitness market is saturated with products that simply don't work. It's unfortunate since many users have genuine intentions for wanting to use them: such as to get in shape, lose weight, or rehabilitate a nagging injury under the guidance of a doctor and/or physiotherapist. However, tycoons exist whose sole aim is to exploit the public's general trust of the fitness industry and only want to ensure their pockets are well-padded with a user's cash. According to the writers at, none of these aspects apply to the Iron Gym and it's a credible fitness product that's worthy of purchase.

To begin, the Iron Gym is a product manufactured by ProFit. This name might appear familiar to some fitness enthusiasts since, according to the website, its sales history places it within the leading manufacturers of home gym equipment. What sets the product apart from other pieces of home gym equipment is its portability. The Iron Gym is fastened into any sturdy, structurally sound doorway and can be unmounted once the workout is complete. It can also be easily transported between locations. The same can't be said for a heavy duty weightlifting bench!

The website also asserts that ProFit manufactured the Iron Gym with safety in mind: for both the user and the user's home. With regards to the home, ProFit included rubberized feet on the edges of the device; specifically where the Iron Gym attaches to the user's door. These are complimented by a high density protective foam that wraps around the mounting bracket bar. This is said to help prevent the marring of wallpaper and brickwork while it's being used.

To prove that the device actually works, the website compiled a list of reviews written by various satisfied users across the Internet. One of these users, B. Roberts, had this to say:

"Assembly was a breeze and took about 10 minutes. The piece that mounts to the back of the door jam is plastic so I was a little weary of whether it would hold up well or not. I did a couple slow pullups using the various positions to make sure it wouldn't fall apart on me and then did some reps and it feels pretty solid. I'm 180 lbs and it held fine, and supposedly can hold up to 300 lbs. It has grips and handles for the different various of pullups and chinups, which is what drew me to it over the other types I looked at."

About Iron Gym Reviewer was launched on March 03, 2013 in aims of being the definitive source on the Iron Gym's credibility in the fitness world. Its writers appeal to those who have been left dissatisfied by inferior fitness products.

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