Men’s Jeans Style to Watch Out This 2018

Men’s Jeans Style to Watch Out This 2018 Men’s Jeans Style to Watch Out This 2018

As we say goodbye to 2017, unfolds a new year for new trends and fashion especially with men’s jeans.  Jeans are but a widely embraced garment all over the world.  Statistics show that an average, a man can own 6 pairs of jeans.

Just in the United States, 96% of consumers own a pair of jeans.  No wonder a man can own more than 1 pair is because there is about 513 number of denim mills worldwide. 

That is a whole lot of companies out there who supplies jeans that allow consumers to choose a specific style.  Every year there are new styles that arise that most will be tempted to buy.  This coming year, there are 4 styles that will surely win every consumer’s heart.

One of which is the traditionalist style.  This style has a straight cut from hip to ankle.  Although it is a slimmed-down cut, it still has a lot of room on the thigh and hips but not that much that makes an individual look baggy.  The width of the ankle should just be the same as that of the knee.  A cuff can also be integrated to keep the coordination in the overall get-up. 

Another style to look forward this year is the professional.  This type of jeans works for every body type and situation.  It is tailored but not to the point of strangling.  It is trimmed from your hips to your thighs and past the knees and calves that aren’t tight.  One sign that you may have gone too far is when your muscles flex. 

The next one is the rock style.  As the name implies, this type of jeans is for conveying that rebel cool attitude.  The rocker style can usually be seen on artists like Joey Ramone and Hedi Slimane.  Unlike the first two styles, this type of jeans will need to hug one’s body frame all the way down. 

Last but not the least is the throwback style.  History repeats itself just like in fashion.  On a casual day, one can wear throwback style jeans wherein the cuts are loose all the way down.  They key here is to have a cropped or tapered fit. 

Jeans are everywhere.  There will still be changes that will happen in the years to come.  What will these changes be?  No one knows yet but it will surely make a huge influence on preferences of the consumers in the future.

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