CHARMES Offers Amnesty and Ruby Gemstone Jewellery at Fair Prices

CHARMES Offers Amnesty and Ruby Gemstone Jewellery at Fair Prices

Jaipur, India-based CHARMES is an online store that offers a wide selection of quality backed, genuine and affordably priced gemstones and jewellery under one roof. A subsidiary of Star Lanka, CHARMES is known as the first brand to bring natural gemstone jewellery to India. Apart from this, the company is one of the pioneers in certified gemstones that are not just treated but also modified to reduce the prices and create stunning jewellery pieces with it.

With the intent to provide an insight into the natural gemstone jewellery on offer, one of the senior executives working with CHARMES stated, “We stock a wide selection of gemstones that are visually appealing and well-crafted while being meticulously detailed. Owing to the wide selection of gemstones and too good to resist jewellery, we have always been successful in not only catering to the senses of fashion savvy men and women but also spoiling them for choices.”

CHARMES has a great understanding of how deep and inherent a desire to look different and appealing is among people, especially women. Therefore, the online natural gemstone and jewellery store strives hard with the best of resources and in all ways possible to cater to it. With finest quality, finishing and competitive prices, CHARMES now ships products to eight countries across the world. Those who love natural gemstones and jewellery made of it can reach out to the online store to find the best of the lot, unique and modern designs available for daily and occasional use.

When asked about the ruby gemstone and jewellery, the senior executive further stated, “Those who want to buy ruby as a stone and jewellery made out of it can reach out to us to find an extensive selection. Ruby is one of the most liked, bought and preferred stones among men and women. Besides the bright red tint of the ruby, it is also quite popular for hardness, durability, lustre and rarity. Just to mention here is a fact that some of the transparent rubies of larger dimensions are even rarer than some of the diamonds are. We offer rubies in different shades: blood red and deep reddish brown.”

CHARMES also offers jewellery made of amethyst gemstones. This gemstone is violet in colour and is more of quartz with glowing properties, which makes it adorable and simply the best for jewellery pieces. This gemstone is originated in Greece and many stories and beliefs involve surround  it. Owing to these reasons, those who want to buy amethyst stone price online  or find gemstones prices in India .

About CHARMES    

CHARMES is a Jaipur, Rajasthan-based online store known for offering a wide selection of gemstones and gemstone jewellery. The wide selection of meticulously designed, painstakingly detailed, visually appealing and value for money gemstones and jewellery cater to the senses and aspirations of fashion savvy men and women of modern times. Therefore, those who are looking for ruby prices in India  or want to know more about the different types of gemstones can reach out to CHARMES.

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