Enjoy Golden Xmas Days In Mu Legend

Enjoy Golden Xmas Days In Mu Legend

Sure, Christmas Eve is a special night, but let's be honest, 
the weeks leading as much as Christmas Eve is a lot more exciting: 
Getting presents for the friends and family,
Attempting to discover what they got for you, getting disappointed for the reason that it is a different pair of knitted underwear. ;)
In the run-up to Christmas, Mu legend will be holding a bunch of events in all of our games. 
Let's see what's underneath the tree for MU Legend this year:

Appreciate seasonal offers!
The elves in Santa's workshop have already been busy preparing these fantastic provides all year, and now they are lastly prepared! 
It is the ideal moment to get a present for that Whisperer inside your life through saving some funds at the same time.
Let us show you some hand-picked Christmas-wear for MU Legend which we're going to offer you-you in our Legend Shop
for a restricted time only.

From 12.12.2017 until the 9th of January (with the start out of your Maintenance), we feed you with Gingerbread till your bellies are about to explode :)
By clearing the later dungeons, each player gets (also) two of our Christmas Gingerbread Men: 
Fabrice's Garden
Magic Gem Mine
Luery's Secret Vault
By finishing the Mid-Boss and the End-Boss of
Sanctum of your Dragon Knight and Dragon's Haven, each Player receives 3 Ginger Bread Guys.

Golden Xmas Days
We are preparing something extraordinary for you for the Xmas days.

We hope you love the presents Santa brings you in your favored game and which you have a good time through our festive events. 
We'll need to leave it there, for now, it is time for Secret Santa right here at Webzen HQ. 
The race to seek out the most original present is appropriately and actually on! The race to locate probably the most innovative gift is well and on! 

In Golden Xmas Days Mu2zen also Publish 10% off for you to Buy mu legend zen

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