Wow Four Design Releases New Pillow Covers For Children

                                         Sun and Moon Themes are Paired With Great Bedtime Stories to Read to Your Kids

Lewes, DE – December 5, 2017: Wow Four Design is introducing an appealing series of bed pillow covers for children. These are made with outstanding bodies with sun or moon patterns. These are made to help children get to sleep comfortably as they include nice and bright looks that offer positive feelings all around.

But what makes these bed pillow covers so appealing is that Wow Four Design is offering them alongside special bedtime stories. Customers can go onto the Wow Four Design website at to get access to preparing a special and unique story. This is designed to make it easier for children to get to bed and feel confident about themselves.

A person can enter information on one’s first name and email address to get a bedtime story prepared. This story is one that a parent can read to one’s child at night. It even includes a special life lesson that any child is bound to appreciate and carry along throughout one’s life.

The pillow covers that accompany a story are made with sun and moon patterns. These are designed with some fun artistic layouts that are very unique and bright in their appearance.

The sun is on one side for daytime sleeping while the moon is on the other for the evening. This is a fun look but more importantly, it encourages a child to have more control and to feel a better sense of trust in the self. The feelings make the child want to feel more positive and to learn about how important a good night’s sleep can be.

There are two types of pillowcases for children to use. There is a 13x18 toddler pillowcase and a 6.5x9 one for a child’s favorite toy. Both pillowcases have the same design.

Each pillowcase covers with an envelope enclosure setup. This makes it easy for a pillow to fit inside the pillowcase with ease. It also keeps a child from trying to play around with it. The fit is secure and sturdy and ensures that a child will stay comfortable and get to sleep well enough.

The product is made with care by Wow Four Design, a company that was started up by a mother looking to help make it easier for her kids to get to sleep. She was heavily inspired by the importance of family and ensuring that all people in it are happy and positive towards one another.

The fun story included is a special gift to the customer too. This adds to the great value of this product and makes it all the more valuable for a child to have.

Information on how to get these pillowcases and to get a free bedtime story can be found through the Wow Four Design website at The fun looks of these products make for something outstanding while a great story offers a unique way to send a child off to sleep in a peaceful and calm way.

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