Mailmylens Offers a Variety of Eyewear and Contact Lenses on a Global Scale

Mailmylens Offers a Variety of Eyewear and Contact Lenses on a Global Scale

Mailmylens is an online commerce platform that provides a variety of different eyewear and contact lenses to clients all around the world. Based in India, they have grown to be the leading provider of these products in their region as a result of a determined focus on quality items. Boasting an extensive inventory of products in their stock consumers can be guaranteed of finding their exact requirements in a limited amount of time. The products are delivered to the buyers' doorstep negating the need for physical trips to the store when looking to refill their prescriptions or buy a new item.

Speaking about the various advantages that accompany the retailer's services, the Head of Marketing said, "There are many reasons why we are considered the best option for all eyewear and contact lens requirements in the market. Some of the benefits enjoyed by clients shopping with us include the availability of a safe and secure portal through which a consumer can confidently submit any personal information relevant to the purchase and a surety of receiving quality products from authentic brands. We also offer highly competitive rates for all of our items and backup this benefit with a friendly customer support staff willing to help with any queries or complications encountered."

Consumers who want to buy Air Optix for astigmatism can visit the company's website for the best deal available in the market. They just need to go to the page that features this item and fill in the relevant information related to their purchase. Some of the data required by the company to fulfill the order include details involving the lenses in question such as the number of boxes, power of the lenses, and axis entailed in both the left and right contact lenses. These details can be quickly filled by the customer using the information provided by their doctor on the prescription form that was filled out.

Expounding on the shipping and delivery services offered by the online retailer, the Senior Sales Manager said, "Clients residing in India can enjoy free shipping for items worth Rs 1500 and above. Customers who reside outside the country will not be subjected to a high cost either, and the price determined will depend on the particular region involved and the charges related to that country. Deliveries are conducted via reputable courier firms such as FedEx and Blue Dart, and no hidden costs are involved in the final estimation of a product's price."

Customers searching for soft toric contact lenses online can also browse through the various options available on the organization's website. The company boasts a large number of alternatives in this category and consumers can shop via different classifications including price, brand and specialty designs.  Every item listed comes with a detailed description of the product including an explanation regarding who is most suited for the lenses in question. This data also features relevant specifications such as the base curve, weight, and diameter of the product.

About Mailmylens

Mailmylens specializes in the provision of different eyewear products and contact lenses at attractive rates. The online retail store has been in business for a number of years and has developed into the leading provider of these goods in their region.

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