YOGA TOWEL WITH A DIFFERENCE: Giving an Extraordinary Comfort and Confidence

YOGA TOWEL WITH A DIFFERENCE: Giving an Extraordinary Comfort and Confidence YOGA TOWEL WITH A DIFFERENCE: Giving an Extraordinary Comfort and Confidence

August 2017- Anandamuni, a company that is popularly recognized for their high-quality yoga products and commitment to helping expand the practice of meditation among kids, proudly announces the launch of their new product yoga towel. The new yoga towel is 28 inches wide and has corner pockets to provide stability for the larger sized professional mats.

The company’s name Anandamuni was coined from the union of two words in Sanskrit- a language used in traditional yoga. Ananda means bliss or happiness while Muni means someone who is thoughtful or who does introspection. The two words came together when the founder realized the need for everyone to practice yoga with a deeper level of mindfulness in order to attain true happiness.

“We want you to go deeper into your poses and focus on your practice with confidence without slipping. Many light-weight towels scrunch or bunch together when you do jump backs to Chaturanga pose.  Yoga practitioners are then left trying to straighten the towel while on Downward dog pose. We know this is very frustrating and that is why we designed our product with corner pockets which anchor your towel to your mat.” said Andrea Miller of Anandamuni.

The yoga towel comes in full size that is a perfect cover for pro-mats and is 28 inches wide by 72 inches long with fitted corners to avoid towel scrunching. It has a premium microfiber which gives a better grip with minimum sweat without having the need to wet towel with a water bottle to activate the gripping feature.  Its anchor fitted edges reduce towel scrunching folding and allow the towel to stay in place. 

There is an opportunity to grab 20% off coupon code while supplies last. The towel is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year free replacement warranty. 

Care instructions on how to wash are on the towel tag, one can also hang the towel from one of the corner pockets on a bathroom towel hook to air dry. It is recommended that a machine wash should be done after every class without the use of bleach or softener.

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