Aphrodite’s Boutique provides Quality Oil Cosmetic Solution

Aphrodite’s Boutique provides Quality Oil Cosmetic Solution

Aphrodite’s Oil Boutique offers the best oil care cosmetics to its’ clients. Their oils are made from natural products including herbs and olive oil. The basis of their strong belief in these products is as a result of their healing power and their utilization in the cosmetic art of Ancient Greeks. Since the early 1980’s, it has been one of the leading oil boutiques, that has provided an effective solution to skin problems like acne and baby rash.

Speaking on how they came into existence one of the co-founders said, “After completing my studies in chemical engineering and graduating, I worked for a chemical company for a while. Later, I substituted my love for chemistry with the appreciation for nature and environment. Besides, I was passionate about Ancient Greece, and became more engrossed by the cosmetic and healing power of herbs and olive oil, as used in the cosmetic art of Ancient Greek. This fascination made it possible for me to change my skill into solutions. I started making natural products for everyday problems and giving to family members. If someone had acne issues or the baby had a diaper rash, there was a readily available solution. Years went by, and family members were excited,  by word of mouth people became aware of my creation. Before I knew it, veterinarians, peers and strangers were asking for my products.”

Aphrodite’s Boutique Oils products are handpicked from their fields in Greece. This helps them in choosing the most vibrant and crisp plants for their products. The raw materials usually selected in the formulation of their products include; Eucalyptus, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Chamomile, Bay leaves, Honey, Cinnamon, Blue passion flower, Cypress cones, Calendula, Mint, Lemon, Jasmine, Wild rose berry, sage, and rose petals.

Speaking about their products the Marketing Director said, “We also have the best face oils for anti aging among our range of commodities. Mostly we advocate for use overnight. It enables the damaged skin which has been exposed to different toxins the whole day to be repaired. It also maintains the skin's youthfulness by immediately rejuvenating and moisturizing it. The deep conditioning power will minimize fine lines, remove wrinkles, and revitalizes the skin from its first use. For best results, gently apply required amount of oil to clean skin.”

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About Aphrodite’s Oils Boutique

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Aphrodite’s Oil Boutique came into existence after two women who were driven by their passion decided to put their talents together. The boutique has been in operation for years, and guarantee only quality products.

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