July 26th, 2017: Conceptland is proudly informing members of the public about the launch of their first and only exclusive online store, where customers can make orders and receive order. Conceptland as the name implies, is a company that is focused on customer brand in terms of clothing according to the choice of their customers. Their brand ranges from mom’s match, baby’s match, siblings, occasions, family fun, dad’s match, couples, as well as friends. All these brands are determined by the customers who are allowed to choose whatever design they want.

Conceptland is a customer focused brand that brings in the unique fashion trend. Each design found at Conceptland is hand-picked and crafted with utmost attention to the details given by the customer, to ensure quality work is delivered. ”At Conceptland, we believe every relationship has a story to be told and every moment deserves to be cherished forever”. These are the words of the company’s public relations officer during an interview. He later added: “quality and excellent customer service are our main drivers at Conceptland, and we have not been delivering anything less than that. Also, our strength lies in delivering customized apparels for special occasions such as graduation, parenthood celebration.

Conceptland is UAE’s first and only online store, dedicated to delivering customized and branded clothing, and you can be assured of getting the best of the best from them.

You don’t have to worry no more about what clothing material fits an occasion, just place your orders at conceptland and get quality delivered to you.

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