Avior Jewelry Designs and Sells Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds, and Watches

Avior Jewelry Designs and Sells Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds, and Watches

Avior Jewelry is a jewelry store located in the Dallas Galleria selling authentic jewelry, gold, diamonds, and designer watches to their clients. They sell their jewelry designs and have a team of skilled artisans who have enabled them to build a collection of unique pieces. Avior Jewelry has cut a niche in the jewelry market by offering their jewelry at the lowest market rates. Those who buy from Avior Jewelry are working directly with the suppliers and shouldn’t expect outrageous markups on diamond jewelry or engagement rings they buy.

Talking about what makes their company different from other jewelry stores, Avi the founder said, “We are a direct source of our jewelry and don’t repackage or rebrand other firm’s products and sell them as our own. Being raised in Israel I learnt everything about jewelry especially diamonds and have worked my way to the top of industry. The cumulated experience and expertise I gained are what is passed to our team making us offer unmatched services. Our collection of jewelry and custom designs has also positioned us ahead of other jewelry stores, and by choosing us, you get to access the widest selection of jewelry in a single location.”

Avior Jewelry sells their jewelry both in wholesale and privately and clients looking to buy diamond engagement ring wholesale will find their collection intriguing. Their diamond engagement rings are available in halo, non-halo, square halo, round halo and sets with one of- a-kind designs to meet varied tastes of any client. Avior Jewelry has designed their diamond engagement rings to allow semi mount for 0.5 carats, one carats, 1.5 carats, two carats center stones, and more!. They cast their diamond rings in gold to give them a superb finish. 

Speaking about their design process, Avi the Founder said, “We have a connection with a private workshop that employs master jewelers who have been a consistent source of innovations ,and our product development processes. Each model we have started as a sketch which is developed into a 3D CAD design. We then make a wax model from the 3D design that is then cast in metal before we finally set the gems in it. We are master craftsmen in our field, and if you are looking for jeweler in Dallas, we are the most reliable.”

Avior Jewelry offers the finest jewelry that includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and watches. They also sell loose diamonds which they directly source and are examined by professional gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America. Avior Jewelry offers consultation on jewelry needs and has a diamond jewelry glossary on their website to give potential buyers an expansive knowledge on jewelry to maximize the delight of purchase. 

About Avior Jewelry

Avior Jewelry is a jewelry store that designs and supplies the widest variety of jewelry made from natural gemstones. Their jewelry is available for purchase both online and in their store in the Dallas Galleria at the most competitive market rates.

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