Jeff White Custom Jewelry Offers Lower Cost Customization With New Machine

Jeff White Custom Jewelry has been a respected Las Vegas custom jewerly designer for two generations. Specializing in custom engagement rings and unique fine jewelry, Jeff White began in a tiny space in an industrial park, and his custom jewelry business has since grown into a stunning showroom in the upscale Tivoli Village in Las Vegas. Now, Jeff White Custom Jewelry takes another leap forwards with the addition of a FiberStar Laser Cutting System for their custom jewelry designs.

The FiberStar Laser Cutting System is capable of cutting or engraving a variety of jewelry-grade metals, and it creates intricate designs astonishingly quickly based on sets of computerized instructions. Daniel White, the second generation of talented jewelers, speaks briefly about their new acquisition:

"The new machine will be the only one of its kind in Las Vegas," says White. "It allows us to offer simple custom designs at a lower price point, especially things like monograms, name plates, and bar jewelry that we can make right in the store. At the same time, it gives us much more flexibility and tons of new customization options for ring engravings."

With this new laser cutting system, the experienced jewelry designers at Jeff White Custom Jewelry are excited to experiment with the machine's capabilities and push their creativity to come up with innovative new designs. Custom jewelry customers now have access to complex, beautiful designs at a far lower price point, and simple jewelry pieces can be created far more quickly with the new machine than they ever could by hand. Even something as complex as an intertwined monogram pendant can be cut in under a minute by the FiberStar machine, making custom jewelry creation much faster and more attainable for the everyday consumer. Because of the time and labor savings, the FiberStar machine enables Jeff White Custom Jewelry to offer low-cost pieces without sacrificing quality or beauty.

In addition to custom jewelry created with the new laser cutting and engraving system, Jeff White Custom Jewelry continues to specialize in intricate jewelry designs with a special focus in individually created engagement rings.

"There's just something special about the process of designing an engagement ring for someone you love," says one store employee. "You can really put your heart into it and create something totally unique, totally you. It represents your whole relationship as a couple, so I think it's wonderful that so many people decide to get a custom ring to propose."

To find out more about Jeff White's new FiberStar machine, visit their store in Tivoli Village to see it in action.

Contact information:

Phone: (702) 220-9099
Address: Jeff White Custom Jewelry
410 S. Rampart, Suite 160
Las Vegas, NV 89145

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