Exotic India Provides Exotic Nataraja Statue and Other Hindu Sculptures at Reasonable Prices Online

Exotic India Provides Exotic Nataraja Statue and Other Hindu Sculptures at Reasonable Prices Online

The richness of Indian culture is manifested in the various art forms that have originated here. Exotic India is a unique online platform that displays the versatility of Indian culture by offering a massive range of Indian products. Its comprehensive inventory consists of textiles, jewellery, beads, sculptures, paintings, books, and CDs and DVDs. Exotic India handpicks all the items through expert and experienced editors. Exotic India deals directly with artisans to help these communities thrive and prevent the Indian arts and crafts from vanishing. Despite offering genuine works of art, Exotic India makes sure that the prices are transparent and within the reach of buyers.

Talking about the variety of Shiva sculptures available at Exotic India, one of its senior executives recently stated, “We have a rich stock of Indian sculptures, especially Hindu sculptures. The brass and bronze sculptures of Shiva are highly popular among devotees and collectors. No two statues of Shiva at our platform are the same. The Lord has been sculpted in a variety of postures. In some sculptures, Shiva is shown with his consort Parvati and their son Ganesh while his dancing posture has been captured in others. We also have wall hanging sculptures of Shiva that will beautifully adorn the walls of buyer’s home. The bigger statues are worth collecting for decorating temples and worshipping.” 

Exotic India carries several types of sculptures categorized under Hindu, Brass, Buddhist, Ritual, Wood, South Indian, Tantra, Nepalese, Stone, Large, and Corporate Gifts. There are a number of Indian gods and goddess statues, including Apsara, Ganesha, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Apsara, in its inventory. The online store also offers statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva. Since every sculpture is rigorously checked for quality, most of them last a lifetime with little maintenance required. They can be passed down to the next generations as family heirlooms. 

Elaborating the quality of products on offer, the senior executive further added, “The Nataraja statue of Shiva is the most popular variant of the Lord’s sculpture available in our online platform. In order to bring down a big group of heretical sages, Shiva took his Nataraja avatar. The sages made a fierce tiger from fire and rushed it on him. Shiva killed the Tiger and swiftly wrapped its skin on his lower half as if it was nothing but silken garment. In this manner, Shiva kept dancing and killing one evil power after another. Nataraja is also believed to be the patron God of dancers. Every dance school has one Nataraja statue for offering prayers across India.”

Buyers also prefer Exotic India because of its punctuality and reliability. It delivers purchased items within 2-4 working days within India. For international deliveries, buyers have to pay extra shipping and handling costs. Apparently, Exotic India can be the right resource for those looking for Shiva Statue  or, for that matter looking for Nataraja Statue  online.

About Exotic India

Established in the year 1998, Exotic India has an incredible stock of Indian paintings, sculptures, and various other products. The online store sources its products directly from the Indian artists and artisans, maintaining fair price policy firmly. The store has made Indian art available to international buyers as well. Therefore, Exotic India can be an ideal resource for those looking for Hindu Art .

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