Bentlee Wear: The Rocking Fashion House Is Set To Take a New Lead In Transforming Humanity

The Los Angeles Based Fashion firm introduces the new thread of empowering Dogs Owners and provision of custom fashion couture to shine.

June 16, 2017:  Bentlee Wear, The premier ready to wear fashion brand is pleased to unveil their awesome collections of fashionable men and women wears. With the provision of premium wears that reveals its roots connection to support every dog owners and to propel the inner humanity, driving a positive world that everyone can live therein.

Bentleewear vision was birthed, from a memorable dog, Lhasa Apso, the small adorable dog fighting through the pangs of death, from the hands of his attacker. It tells the story of the furry cloven, best friend of life. When he undergoes an attack, it reveals the touchy feelings of the heart, of what it cost in terms of pain to lose a dearie and the stress it entails.

“At Bentlee Wear, we donate money to families to save their dogs, in the event of costly operations and surgeries”, said Matthew Brown, Founder of Bentleewear on correspondence. “We do not only focus on making you look good, we tell a story, putting smiles on the face of families, drowning their stress and saving dogs lives”, he added. According to Matthew Brown, their fashion brand is truly one-of-a-kind, where the overall welfare of a family in the fashion sphere and dogs’ lives are top priority.

 As a growing fashion firm, the Bentlee Wear collection “GOT Bentlee” crew t-shirt was featured on the popular Lifetime series “The Client List”, with the beautiful actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing the eye-catching “GOT Bentlee” shirt in a pivotal scene. Bentleewear tells a story that touches the dots and connects to reveal the needs, the feelings behind the face and brings out the smile.

For network producers, this is a fashion firm that tells the untold adventure of humanity, what backs up feelings and, of the need to care. Like it has previously done, Bentlee Wear unlocks the inner touch to move the wearers to take action- a show of care.

Nobody does it better, with the availability of custom-made garments, suitable for gifts, vacations, the ideal birthday gifts, tops, tees, beauty assortment to behold. It rings a bell, Bentlee Wear has emotional connections, either for a living dog or one that has passed on. To cap it all and bring the commitment to action, Bentlee Wear donates a percentage of their sales to save dogs’ lives from accidents and attacks.

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 Founder, Matthew Brown

Phone: 626-298-4802

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