Bouton Kids Ltd. Offers Organic Kids Clothing At Affordable Prices

Bouton Kids Ltd. only use natural, handmade textures and put careful detail in all of their products. They follow many of the techniques and designs that have been used in India for centuries.


USA – June 1, 2017 - Bouton Kids Ltd. is a clothing line for kids. The talented artisans at Bouton only use colorful, handmade, authentic textiles, and they make a variety of items for girls and boys. Sisters Rekha and Sunita grew up in Bombay, India. They moved to other countries, had kids, and quickly discovered that the garments that they loved as kids were difficult if not impossible to find.  

That's why they created Bouton Kids. They started the brand to reconnect with their past and to offer authentic Indian clothing options outside of India. At Bouton, every outfit is made with high-quality cotton, natural dyes, and hand-looming techniques that have been used for centuries. Bouton offers a diverse selection of t-shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, and loungewear for less money than what you could find at your local department store.They also carry a line of pouches, tote bags, and scarfs. 

Bouton Kids Ltd. is proud to be a fair trade company. All of the products that they use are organically farmed and environmentally-friendly. They stay away from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; they focus on quality from the beginning of the process to the end. Not only will you love the designs and styles, but you'll do your part to ensure cotton producers in other countries are paid fair sustainable wages. 

Visit Bouton Kids Ltd and browse the selection of clothing items today. You can order online and they'll ship the products to you. Whether you live in Bombay, NYC, LA or London, Bouton Kids will send you the comfortable, stylish outfits that your kids will love. Don't wait, check out Bouton Kids Ltd today. 

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