Lifetime Jewelry® Massively Reduces Prices in a Limited Time Offer

Lifetime Jewelry® Massively Reduces Prices in a Limited Time Offer

Figaro Chains are at the top of the list when it comes to jewelry for men. These classic chains are very popular with anyone who loves urban or hip-hop fashion styles. Although there are many companies in America selling these necklaces, Lifetime Jewelry continues to be the retailer of choice amongst consumers. Since 1978 Lifetime Jewelry has been selling high-end handcrafted items. Over the decades this company has gained a loyal following and any sales event is met with plenty of consumer enthusiasm. Now for today only, Lifetime Jewelry is heavily reducing the price of their 11mm XXL 24K Gold Figaro Chain.

The 11mm XXL 24K Gold Figaro Chain features a thick coating of the purest gold over a heart of semi-precious metals. The result resembles like solid gold and it is tarnish resistant making it very easy to keep this necklace in top condition. Like all other items retailed by Lifetime Jewelry this chain comes with an unconditional 100% lifetime guarantee. This is a promise that the company is proud to uphold, as spokesman for the company, Mr. Alex King, noted in a recent interview:

“At Lifetime Jewelry we don’t compromise on quality or service, and this is a value that we continue to uphold. We don’t import cheap, poorly made jewelry to cut costs like a lot of other online retailers do. Instead we have a fantastic team of local jewelers who handcraft every item of jewelry. Not only are our gold Figaro chains high quality, every single one is unique”.

To learn more about the Lifetime Jewelry11mm XXL 24K Gold Figaro Chain and the current special discount offer, customers can visit the company’s storefront or their website. Priority shipping is available throughout the United States. Supplies are limited.

About Lifetime Jewelry
Lifetime Jewelry specializes in gold and white gold jewelry made in the United States. In addition to a collection of high-end Figaro chains, this company also has a selection of Rope chains, Cuban link chains, earrings, pendants, rosaries, bracelets and other fashion jewelry for men and women.  All products by Lifetime Jewelry are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee against any damage or wear.


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Lifetime Jewelry
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