Virgin European hair worth the cost

 Virgin European hair worth the cost

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Getting hair pieces made from real human hair is more expensive than synthetics and hair pieces made from virgin European hair command an even higher price.

The higher cost is because of the quality of the hair, how it is cut and the demand for it.

"Virgin hair means it is all natural and from a single donor. It is just washed gently with water and a mild soap, It's then cut and all the hair cuticles are facing the same way," said Jackie Yu, co-owner of HairArt Inc. "The extra time it takes to handle the hair is one reason it costs a bit more."

Most real human hair is now coming from China and India. Mr. Yu said there's nothing wrong, per se, with that hair, but it does not match the quality of that coming from Europe. Mr. Yu was recently interviewed by Modern Salon about real human hair.

"Recently, however, fewer women are donating or selling their hair there and high-quality raw hair that is able to lift to a blonde color is becoming very rare," he told the magazine. "HairArt sources hair from the U.S., Europe and South America. Our hair comes in different colors and textures and we offer virgin colors with the cuticle intact."

Hair from China and India is generally a jet black. In order to take a good blonde set, it has to be bleached out, which damages the hair. Hair from HairArt's sources comes in a variety of colors and shades naturally and is easier to color, he said.

Because the hair has the cuticles all in the same direction, the eventual hair piece has all the hair follicles laying in the same direction. This makes the hair much easier to style and brush as needed and less likely to tangle, he said.

"We choose to use virgin hair from Europe because we have worked with it and we know the quality" Mr.  Yu said. "It shows in our products."

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