Bouton Kids Sells Luxurious, Handmade Children's Clothing

Bouton Kids' Outfits are Handmade by Artisans Who Use Organic, Fair Trade Materials


USA – April 1, 2017 - Bouton Kids is a clothing company that sells unique, comfortable and hypoallergenic outfits for children. Bouton was started by Rekha and Sunita, two sisters who grew up in Bombay, India. When they had kids, they wanted them to wear the outfits that they wore when they were kids. They worked with artisans and designers to create a line of soft, delicate clothing options. They're committed to selling fair trade, organic clothes and they make sure that all of their products are made in ethical environments, free of child labor. 

Bouton Kids uses natural fabrics and dyes, as well as fine silk, cotton, and wool. Many of the textile designs that they sell have been popular for hundreds of years. These include Kalamkari, an ancient textile style that first gained popularity in the 13th century, hand-block printing, and Ikat, a design created using a resist dyeing technique similar to the process used to make tie-dye. 

Bouton t-shirts are 100% certified organic cotton and 100% certified fair trade. They carry tops, skirts, dresses, lounge wear, and jackets for girls and shirts, pants, shorts, and lounge wear for boys. They also sell scarves, tote bags, and pouches. Bouton Kids has an easy to use website with many clearance items listed. Some of their clothing is discounted up to 50%, and they can be purchased online and shipped to destinations near and far. Bouton is a popular option for children's clothing and for parents around the world. 

Visit Bouton Kids and search for an outfit for your little ones today. When you buy clothes for your children, buy clothing made from organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly materials. Buy Bouton Kids. 

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