Bouton Kids Ltd. Offers Mindful Fashion Choices For Girls

Bouton Kids Ltd. Offers Orangic and Fair-Trade Fashion Choices For Girls 

Bouton Kids Ltd. Offers 100% responsibly manufactured, mindful children's clothing. What do they mean by ‘mindful?’ The people at Bouton Kids believe that responsible textiles means using organic fabrics and fair trade dealing. That means their clothing products are made from some of the finest available natural cotton, silk, and wool- produced responsibly.
Organic Heritage Fabrics

All of Bouton Kids’ textiles are made using traditional methods by skilled artisans. Using only natural dyes derived from plant material, minerals, naturally occurring metals, and mordants. After the color is applied, the fabric is washed. A wide range of attractive effects can be created using seeds, plants, crushed flowers, and other naturalistic pattern design methods.
Cotton fabrics are ubiquitous, used more than any other natural fiber- but cotton crops are subjected to more intense insecticide spraying than any other. These pesticides have a cumulative effect on our health- especially that of our children. Organic cotton farming has many benefits for the user and the environment.
•    Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
•    No genetically modified organisms are used
•    Organic farming conserves soil
•    Weeds are removed by hand, rather than by poison
•    Insects are controlled by utilizing predator insects, rather than pesticide 
100% Certified Fair Trade

Dealing in organic and ecologically responsible fabrics is important to providing mindful fashions for children, but fair dealing with international trade partners may be even more so.
Fair trade partnerships develop trade relationships based on discussion, respect, and transparency; deals that seek to promote equity in trade internationally and locally. We do not seek to dominate our trade partners, but to work with them fairly and equitably.
Fair trade means;

•    Pricing covers the production costs of our partners, providing sustainable livelihoods for cotton producers.
•    Premiums enable co-operatives to benefit whole communities with education, access to clean water, and medicine.
•    Producers receive advance payment and lasting business relationships.
•    Collectives are democratically controlled, respecting farmers and workers, with no forced or child labor.
•    Production standards promote sustainable cultivation.
By buying Organic and Fair trade, you can contribute to the culture of mindfulness, and teach your children to do the same for a more sustainable world.

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